Up on 2 wheels!

14522923_10154658120689802_9145720301499842269_nWe thought it might never happen! After years of our son on the spectrum violently resisting riding a bike, he accomplished this milestone with his usual lack of flair and fanfare…convincing me he’s known how to do it for a long time and just wanted to be absolutely solid in the new skill before revealing it.

Before school today, he simply got on the bike and….started riding. And he rides a 2-wheeler like a pro. There’s no wobbling or falling. He’s outta here.

Have I mentioned he did this with walking, too? He didn’t walk until almost 18 months old (PUBLICLY) but I would catch him “practicing” when he thought no one was looking. So when he did decide to let us in on his secret, he rocked it.

He is so different in these things than a typical child. Our excitement kind of makes him anxious.

So I’m bragging on him here. And I’ll have to find that balance between encouraging and pressuring and keep giving him his space to accomplish things he doesn’t make a fuss over.


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