Special needs and siblings

14670707_10154712157929802_3172116063646932110_nThis blog usually focuses on our son with special needs – but he has an amazing sibling. Just because I don’t talk about him here much, I do want to say how wonderful he (and all special needs sibs) are. I truly believe they make each other better people. This photo is a moment I caught between them recently while we accompanied our special needs child on his class trip. Precious…..

Here is a wonderful snippet and link to an article that sums up how I feel from a blog I love…

“Perhaps at times you’ve felt overlooked, because your sibling’s needs demand all of your parents’ attention. But they see you, they see you in the cracks of their vision, and their hearts hurt for the moments they’ve had to sacrifice time with you. But many nights they think about you, of the wonderful person that you are. I want you to know that the pride and love they feel for you could never be measured, you are what keeps them going many times. You make their days brilliantly beautiful.

And you’ve told us—your sibling with a disability has affected you too. Yes, there’s been sacrifices and some things you’ve had to give up, but you’ve gained so much from your sibling too. You’ve said your siblings with disabilities have shaped you into who you are today. We look at you, and we’re sure there is not a more compassionate, caring, accepting, and kind human being walking on this earth.”

READ MORE – http://www.keyministry.org/specialneedsparenting/2016/8/9/to-the-typical-siblings


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