Halloween: Practice makes perfect

14570248_10154737311249802_6051882326642531108_nHowever, it’s a fast-moving holiday fraught with social expectations such as knocking on doors, meeting strangers, saying the right words (“trick or treat” and then, “thank you”) and then doing it all over again. In our neighborhood, there is also pressure to stay with the group (he wants to, but at his own pace, which can frustrate everyone). And it can be rainy, cold, hot and dark with a ton of flashing lights and streets to cross.

And yet he can’t help himself. He loves it.

This year, he crushed it. We were so proud of him (and ourselves) for being prepared and calm throughout the whole evening. Everyone had a great time.

I’m so glad we kept trying instead of holding him back from doing this holiday with “normal” kids.

We’ve come a long way since Halloween of 2012 – the first time I realized there was something going on with Charles. I was so frustrated by how he dealt with Halloween (sobbing and screaming but unwilling to take a break).


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