Priorities and a new school year

About the time school ends, I might be in the swing of the new school year! And we aren’t even doing any extracurricular activities. Just about when I got the therapy schedule nailed down, our amazing team of therapists found after-school appointments (which are a priority – we started the year still in time slots that cut into his school day). So the schedule changed again. But we are getting there! Sloooooooowly……..

How are you doing on getting back to school (as we roll into November)?

I actually drew a chart for myself reminding me of priorities for our unique family:

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Take the ‘Ack!’ Out of Back to School

11952964_10153631263239802_3790904392380399632_oAround our house, most changes in routine are anxiety provoking (for all of us). I’ve accepted that no member of my family will ever joyfully get on board with ending summer vacation to go back to school, even though there are a lot of great things about the school year (seems like only yesterday I was dealing with two weeping children who were devastated to leave their teachers and classmates).

With a little bit of preparation and work before summer ends, we’ve discovered ways to ease the transition. I couldn’t say it any better than Ilana Danneman did in her post on The Friendship Circle so check it out at this link: Here’s a sneak peek:

“Now is the time to prepare. An “ounce” of preparation can go far! Let’s take a look at supplies, routine and dress before you start out to school this year.”