Up on 2 wheels!

14522923_10154658120689802_9145720301499842269_nWe thought it might never happen! After years of our son on the spectrum violently resisting riding a bike, he accomplished this milestone with his usual lack of flair and fanfare…convincing me he’s known how to do it for a long time and just wanted to be absolutely solid in the new skill before revealing it.

Before school today, he simply got on the bike and….started riding. And he rides a 2-wheeler like a pro. There’s no wobbling or falling. He’s outta here.

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Take the ‘Ack!’ Out of Back to School

11952964_10153631263239802_3790904392380399632_oAround our house, most changes in routine are anxiety provoking (for all of us). I’ve accepted that no member of my family will ever joyfully get on board with ending summer vacation to go back to school, even though there are a lot of great things about the school year (seems like only yesterday I was dealing with two weeping children who were devastated to leave their teachers and classmates).

With a little bit of preparation and work before summer ends, we’ve discovered ways to ease the transition. I couldn’t say it any better than Ilana Danneman did in her post on The Friendship Circle so check it out at this link: http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2014/08/11/10-back-to-school-tips-for-kids-with-autism-and-special-needs/. Here’s a sneak peek:

“Now is the time to prepare. An “ounce” of preparation can go far! Let’s take a look at supplies, routine and dress before you start out to school this year.”


6 Ideas for Planning Activities for Special Needs Kids

blog image 6 ideas for planning activitiesFiguring out activities that work for both an autistic 6-year old and a typical 4-year old can be a challenge. But I’m surrounded by a lot of creative moms and I’ve learned a few things.

I feel like (positive and negative) awareness of special needs is at an all-time high and I encourage families with children with special needs to get comfortable with getting out with your kids of all abilities. Continue reading

First Things First

bb08c8029fdfd4162a3e94c22b784616The decision to start a blog came to me because I’ve reached a point where I can honestly say being a parent—especially the parent of both a typical kid and one on the autism spectrum—is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I want to make sure I document this fact—because I have a suspicion the ages my sons are at (4 and 6 respectively) are very sweet and there will be days (maybe years) in the future that will be harder. I want to remember this time and hopefully draw from it. I never dreamed it was possible and I hope other parents will be encouraged if they are not here yet.

How we got here (the diagnosis, the first months, the therapies, the support groups, etc.) is another blog post for the future.

But right now, I can see the payoff for the hundreds of hours of therapy, the endless parenting, all the unsolicited advice, the slow progress, the meltdowns (all of ours), the judgements, the hours of research, the effort of making schedules and visual cues, etc.

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