Priorities and a new school year

About the time school ends, I might be in the swing of the new school year! And we aren’t even doing any extracurricular activities. Just about when I got the therapy schedule nailed down, our amazing team of therapists found after-school appointments (which are a priority – we started the year still in time slots that cut into his school day). So the schedule changed again. But we are getting there! Sloooooooowly……..

How are you doing on getting back to school (as we roll into November)?

I actually drew a chart for myself reminding me of priorities for our unique family:

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How We Became a Special Needs Family (the diagnosis)

Often, other moms ask how I knew my son was on the autism spectrum. I can share our story, but I can’t reassure them that it was a set of very obvious things. Every diagnosis story is unique. It’s important to trust your instincts with your child and seek out information, screenings and early interventions. We can say that is the key reason our family is thriving today.

So, here’s our autism story….

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